Metaverse : The Decentraland

Project : Wearables
Aviram Studio is accredited creator for Decentraland. As an accredited creator, Aviram Studio has been recognized by Decentraland as a trusted and skilled artist or developer within the platform. 

Aviram Studio’s creations in Decentraland includes a variety of visually appealing and unique wearables, allowing users to enhance their avatars with their artistic designs. These wearables range from clothing items such as shirts, dresses, pants, and shoes, to accessories like hats, masks, jewelry, and more.

Wearables can be equipped and displayed on avatars within the Decentraland metaverse, allowing users to customize their virtual appearance and stand out in the virtual world. They contribute to the social and creative aspects of the platform, enabling users to express themselves and interact with others in unique and visually appealing ways.

By collaborating with Aviram Studio or acquiring their wearables, users in Decentraland can enhance their virtual identities and stand out in the metaverse. Aviram Studio contribute to the creative ecosystem of Decentraland, offering diverse and visually appealing options for users to personalize and customize their avatars within the virtual world.