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We’re not just about technology; we’re about the extraordinary.

We go beyond imagination, pushing boundaries to craft experiences that break through the ordinary.

Tapping into the latest tech to create virtual worlds and games that defy expectations, taking you on a journey that transcends limits.


Our Approach to Assistance

Create your Metaverse strategy
Build 3D/2D assets and environments
Design Engaging Interactive content
AR & VR application development


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the expansive realms of Aviram Studio, where our artistry come to life in all leading metaverses. Our IP's are crafted with a perfect blend of innovation and creativity, offering players an unparalleled and immersive experience. 
Tune into our virtual landscapes, each a unique tapestry of imagination and adventure, as we redefine the boundaries of gaming excellence

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Digital twin for the law enforcement entity in India available on Spatial.

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Shakthan Palace

A VR experience to engage the  global visibility of the Museum.  A initiative to Virtual tourism

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VR/AR experience in Unity with 3D elements created via Photogrammetry

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Rise of Otto

Action Adventure RPG game build in The Sandbox, live Now(-101,65).

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Biker Club House

A new social hub for Metaverse Bikers, on Decentraland (38,32).

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Slice Master

RPG , Casual Game  in The Sandbox

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